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Proprietesses of business enjoying Salem, MA

Celtic Myth and Moonlight was established in 2003 to enlighten and inform those interested in the traditional wares and spirituality of the ancient Celts. By spinning a web which links the past to the present, the Old Ways are interweaved into our daily lives.

Stepping through our doorway, one journeys through space and time into a different realm.  Willowy tree branches beckon you to enter a place of magic, where fairies frolic amidst colorful, swooping dragons.  Greenman plaques and beautiful photography grace the walls, while brightly-colored witch balls catch your eye as you wander throughout the rooms.  Jewelry from the Celtic Isles grace the brightly lit cabinets, shimmering from the glistening light of candles made by local artisans.   Pewter goblets and chalices sit amidst clusters of quartz, amethyst, fluorite, and more. Captivating perfumes, colognes, and incense will entice your many senses. Celtic crosses of seeming antiquity draw one from room to room, as eyes wander to the many rare and special treasures abounding within.  Woolen capes and cloaks drape gracefully over enchanting clothing which will warm and protect you on the darkest of nights.

Crystal balls, Hengebands, pendulum boards, pentacles, voodoo dolls, spell bottles, photography, grimoires, book of shadows, witch dolls, crystals
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Crystals, skulls, voodoo, baphomet, lucifer, Lilith, athames, daggers, knives, goblets, Alchemy Gothic, witch, pentagram, pentacle
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